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Campground & Glampground Ordinance



1.A. A Campground or Glampground may not be constructed unless a permit is approved by the Planning Board. A permit application must include a complete, dated, and signed Swan's Island Campground/Glampground Application.
l.B. A Campground/Glampground Application will not be approved unless the owner/operator also demonstrates compliance with the State of Maine Department of Health and Human Services Rules Relating to Campgrounds (10- 144 C.M.R. Ch. 205, as may be amended) including obtaining all necessary State approvals.
1.C. All proposed Campgrounds and Glampgrounds must also comply with all State and Town subdivision and shoreland zoning rules, regulations, laws, and ordinances.



2.A. Definitions:
• Glamping: the use of permanent or temporary structures, including but not limited to platforms, canvas tents, yurts, teepees, covered wagons, and recreational vehicles offered for short- or long-term temporary occupancy for the purpose of outdoor camping experiences with amenities such as beds, electricity, heat, and/or indoor plumbing not ordinarily associated with outdoor camping.
Glamping Unit: A single structure erected, constructed, or placed for the purpose of glamping.
• Glampground: A lot or parcel of land containing more than one glamping unit. Any reference in this Ordinance to "campground" shall be read to include "glampground."
All other terms shall have the meanings provided in the State of Maine

Department of Health and Human Services Rules Relating to Campgrounds.

2.B. Number of Sites: New campgrounds/glampgrounds are limited to thirty (30) camping/glamping unit sites for the first two years of operation. Following the first two years of operation, an owner/operator may submit an application to expand the campground/glampground to include more than 30 sites. Applications to expand must comply with all requirements of this Ordinance and 10-144 C.M.R. Ch. 205.

2.C. Minimum lot and site sizes: Each unit site shall contain a minimum of 2000
' square feet. Sites located within the Shoreland Zone shall contain a minimum of 5,000 square feet. Roads, streets, and other common areas shall not count toward the minimum lot size. No site shall be located within 75 feet of the normal high-water line of a water body, tributary stream, or upland edge of a wetland. All other dimensional requirements, including minimum lot size, of Town and State shoreland zoning requirements shall continue to apply.

2.D. Pit Privies Prohibited: Pit privies shall not, under any circumstances, be allowed to meet sewage disposal requirements on campgrounds or glampgrounds.

2.E. Setback: All camping/glamping sites shall be located at least 40 feet from any abutting property.

2.F. All applications shall satisfy the Planning Board that the proposed Campground/Glampground will provide for adequate fire protection, parking, and garbage and refuse disposal and will not cause an unreasonable burden on municipal services.

2.G. Fees: $25.00 for application, plus current rate schedule for principle structures, secondary structures, wharfs, piers, decks, and applicable permanent structures.


EFFECTIVE DATE: March 2, 2020

Certification of adoption
I hereby attest that this is a true copy of the "Town of Swan's Island Campground and Glampground Ordinance",
duly adopted at a Regular Town Meeting held on March 2, 2020
.Gwen J. May Town Clerk