Fifth Generation

30. Terrie Jo Staples was born on 6 February 1970 in Ellsworth, Hancock County, Maine, USA.

? was born (date unknown).

Terrie Jo Staples-31871 and ?-53364 had the following children:



Joanna Marie Staples-31874.

Terrie Jo Staples and Timothy John Treadwell were married on 17 June 1989 in Swan's Island, Hancock County, Maine, USA. They were divorced. Timothy John Treadwell, son of Richard Oakes Treadwell and Carol Ann Cutler, was born on 3 March 1965.

Terrie Jo Staples-31871 and Timothy John Treadwell-31875 had the following children:



Timothy John "TJ" Treadwell Jr. was born on 19 November 1989 in Ellsworth, Hancock County, Maine, USA.



Brittanie Elisa Treadwell was born on 12 February 1991 in Bar Harbor, Hancock County, Maine, USA.

Terrie Jo Staples and Nicholas Harold Hardwick were married on 13 August 1994. Nicholas Harold Hardwick was born (date unknown).