Seventh Generation

460. Nancy Arlene Colbeth was born on 14 April 1955 in Blue Hill, Hancock County, Maine, USA.

Nancy Arlene Colbeth and Eric Stephen Benson were married on 30 June 1973 in Swan's Island, Hancock County, Maine, USA. Eric Stephen Benson, son of Peter Benson and Dorothy Fisher, was born about 1951 in Aurora, Michigan, USA.

Nancy Arlene Colbeth-11370 and Eric Stephen Benson-11378 had the following children:



Stephanie Leigh Benson-11717.



Sonja Benson-11718.

Nancy Arlene Colbeth and Ralph Emerson (Chipper) Wright Jr. were married on 19 June 1982. Ralph Emerson (Chipper) Wright Jr., son of Ralph Emerson Wright and Jane Falkins, was born (date unknown).

Nancy Arlene Colbeth and Dwight H. Ordway were married on 9 May 1986. Dwight H. Ordway was born (date unknown).

Nancy Arlene Colbeth-11370 and Dwight H. Ordway-11380 had the following children:



Abigail Vera Ordway was born about June 1985.