This is a collection of re-typed newspaper articles found in scrapbooks along with items located or accumulated in other ways. Some are very interesting and all tell a part of the story of Swan's Island and its people. From some we can learn who lived in which homes, what things were uppermost in the minds of residents and summer people in an earlier time, and many other interesting facts.

Wording, spelling, typography and layout are provided as near to the original author's copy as possible. In some cases, where "Web Pages" don't look like the original, a PDF formatted file (viewable with Adobe Acrobat Reader) is available to more clearly show the appearance of the original.

Wherever photos included with the original article were obtained that were clear enough for presentation, they are included here.

This collection was compiled by Steve Joyce.

Another collection of stories by Maili Bailey is available by clicking here...
Description Source
Visiting Swan's Island Spending summers on Swan's Island with family Hilda (Bailey) Dewsnap
A Special Song How the Ballard "In The Baggage Coach Ahead" came to be written From Eddie Gott Shea
Nettie Milan A newspaper clipping about a lady who spent a large part of her life on Swan's Island and in lighthouses From an old scrapbook
Building a House on Harbor Island How a summer property owner had a new house built in a difficult location From an old scrapbook
A Trip on The Steamboat & Why The family of a man who purchased a Swan's Island business tells about their connection to the Island Jane (Falkins) Wright
Swan's Island Electric Company How the Swan's Island REA Electric Company got started From an old scrapbook
The Maine Coontailed Cat Swan's Island's involvement in the start of Maine Coontailed cats From an old scrapbook
Frank Bridges A self made man From an old scrapbook
The Post Office History of the Minturn Post Office From an old scrapbook
Ella Davis An unplanned interview with a busy Mother of a large family From an old scrapbook
Family Keepsake The story of an important house and its families By Nora Mohler
Swan's Island - 1900 - 1920 Memories of a Lighthouse Kid (about 10 pages on paper) By Frank Milan
Lighthouse Huck Finn Memories of a Lighthouse Kid Perhaps an earlier and more complete version of the "Swan's Island - 1900-1920 article. Some repetition, but interesting in the differences (about 11 pages on paper) By Frank Milan
Swan's Island Memories A Summer kid enjoys the Island By Alec Munsell
History of the Odd Fellows Hall 1909 to 1984 By Dexter Lee
Reflections & Memories Some memories from the early and mid 1900s. Charles & Rachel Joyce
Althea's Memories of The 1940's Some thoughts & observations from the 1940s. Althea (Joyce) Jewett
Swans's Island in the 1940's Some thoughts & observations from the 1940s. Stephen Joyce
Col Swan's End Found on the Internet
Joshua Chamberlain, Hero Not directly connected to Swan's Island, but sure American and Maine related. A nice story From an old scrapbook
Our Entertainers Swan's Island's Country Western Lady & her song-writing husband Dexter Lee & Stephen Joyce
Capt. William Herrick
An article about an outstanding captain from Swan's Island Saved from the library
Dr. Hunt
An article about one of our spectacular doctors Saved from the library
Rev. & Mrs. Matthewson
An article about a most memorable minister who adopted our island Saved from the library
Salty Tales
The Bernstoffs visit Alden Stanley Saved from the library
Post Masters & Offices
The history of Swan's Island's Post Masters Compiled from research
A Supper Gathering
About a history-oriented meeting in the 1950s From Bernice Carlson's Keepsakes
Odd Weather
Tell about a 'Hard Winter' Saved from the library