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Swan's Island is located off the coast of Maine near Bar Harbor on Mount Desert Island. It is a remote island, with ferry service originating in Bass Harbor. The six mile crossing from Bass Harbor takes about 30 minutes. The ferry, "Captain Henry Lee", holds 17 automobiles as well as walk-on passengers.

The island has almost none of the mainland amenities. There are no stores, no liquor sales, and no amusements, except those that people create for themselves. The year-round population is about 350 people, with over 1000 people in the summertime.

Swan's, a large island of some 7,000 acres, has a highly irregular shoreline that provides secure and interesting anchorages for visiting boaters. It is hilly, but not particularly high. There is a quarry for swimming as well as places to visit on foot or bicycle. The island has three little villages, Atlantic in Mackerel Cove on the north coast, Swan's Island, on the shores of Burnt Coat Harbor in the south and Minturn.

Lobstering is the main occupation on Swan's Island. The economy of the island is mostly dependent on the income derived from lobstering. Swan's Island has about 40 full-time lobstermen and women, and many part-timers, including school children who fish from small skiffs in the summer.

Hall Gets New Roof

When Sonny Sprague and others committed to raising funds for a new roof on the Odd Fellows Hall, who would have thought the project would move along at lightning speed, but that's exactly what happened.

The overwhelming support for a new roof on the Odd Fellows Hall in this difficult economic time was amazing!

In just three weeks, more than $45,000 was raised, a contract was signed, and work began in early September. Straight Up Roofing from Carmel, Maine, completed the job in just over two weeks.

Those involved in the fundraising effort are very grateful for the generosity of so many who helped to save the Hall. There was no way the Odd Fellows, or the town, could have funded the roof project. The Hall is not only part of the island's past, but a part of the island's future and now it will continue to serve the community for a long time to come. is not for those who depend on a high | level of outside entertainment, for we have no theatre, no boutiques, no country club; in fact alcoholic beverages can not be purchased on the Island is not for those who want instant, inexpensive travel facilities, for although we have reliable State Ferry Service, it takes some advance planning to be sure of being on it is not for those with a low threshold of frustration for the inevitable delays and inconveniences that go with Island living

SWAN'S is the place for a very special kind of individual...

... it is ideal for those who are skilled at entertaining themselves in fog or sunshine and who prefer an hour beachcombing to an hour bowling, and a good book to a movie is a joy to those who delight in spectacular scenery and appreciate the simple rhythm of days which are determined by the comings and goings of tide and ferry is the place for those who are content with low-keyed social life, where an evening invitation usually calls only for a clean sweatshirt and dry sneakers

~ written by Peg Bailey