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The Planning Board shall, when reviewing subdivisions and other proposed developments that
require review under other federal law, state law or local ordinances or regulations and all
projects on 5 or more disturbed acres, or in the case of manufactured home parks divided into
two or more lots, assure that:
A. All such proposals are consistent with the need to minimize flood damage.
B. All public utilities and facilities, such as sewer, gas, electrical and water systems are
located and constructed to minimize or eliminate flood damages.
C. Adequate drainage is provided so as to reduce exposure to flood hazards.
D. All proposals include base flood elevations, flood boundaries, and in a riverine floodplain,
floodway data. These determinations shall be based on engineering practices recognized
by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
E. Any proposed development plan must include a condition of plan approval requiring that
structures of any lot in the development having any portion of its land area within a
Special Flood Hazard Area, are to be constructed in accordance with Section 6 of this
ordinance. Such requirement will be included in any deed, lease, purchase and sale
agreement, or document transferring or expressing an intent to transfer any interest in
real estate or structure, including but not limited to a time-share interest. The condition
shall clearly articulate that the municipality may enforce any violation of the construction
requirement and that fact shall also be included in the deed or any other document
previously described. The construction requirement shall also be clearly stated on any
map, plat, or plan to be signed by the Planning Board or local reviewing authority as part
of the approval process.