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No land in a special flood hazard area shall be occupied or used and no structure which is
constructed or substantially improved shall be occupied until a Certificate of Compliance is issued
by the Code Enforcement Officer subject to the following provisions:
A. For New Construction or Substantial Improvement of any elevated structure the applicant
shall submit to the Code Enforcement Officer, an Elevation Certificate completed by a
Professional Land Surveyor, registered professional engineer, or architect, for
compliance with Section 6, paragraphs F, G, or H.
B. The applicant shall submit written notification to the Code Enforcement Officer that the
development is complete and complies with the provisions of this ordinance.
C. Within 10 working days, the Code Enforcement Officer shall:
1. review the Elevation Certificate and the applicant’s written notification; and,
2. upon determination that the development conforms with the provisions of this
ordinance, shall issue a Certificate of Compliance.