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The Planning Board shall hear and decide upon applications for conditional uses provided for in
this Ordinance. The Planning Board shall hear and approve, approve with conditions, or
disapprove all applications for conditional uses. An applicant informed by the Code Enforcement
Officer that a Conditional Use Permit is required shall file an application for the permit with the
Planning Board.
A. Review Procedure for a Conditional Use Flood Hazard Development Permit
1. The Flood Hazard Development Permit Application with additional information
attached addressing how each of the conditional use criteria specified in the
Ordinance will be satisfied, may serve as the permit application for the
Conditional Use Permit.
2. Before deciding any application, the Planning Board shall hold a public hearing
on the application within thirty days of their receipt of the application.
3. If the Planning Board finds that the application satisfies all relevant requirements
of the ordinance, the Planning Board must approve the application or approve
with conditions within 45 days of the date of the public hearing.
4. A Conditional Use Permit issued under the provisions of this Ordinance shall
expire if the work or change involved is not commenced within 180 days of the
issuance of the permit by the Planning Board.
5. The applicant shall be notified by the Planning Board in writing over the signature
of the Chairman of the Planning Board that flood insurance is not available for
structures located entirely over water or seaward of mean high tide.
B. Expansion of Conditional Uses
1. No existing building or use of premises may be expanded or enlarged without a
permit issued under this section if that building or use was established or
constructed under a previously issued Conditional Use Permit or if it is a building
or use which would require a Conditional Use Permit if being newly-established
or constructed under this Ordinance.