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A. It shall be the duty of the Code Enforcement Officer to enforce the provisions of this
Ordinance pursuant to Title 30-A MRSA § 4452.
B. The penalties contained in Title 30-A MRSA § 4452 shall apply to any violation of this
C. In addition to any other actions, the Code Enforcement Officer, upon determination that a
violation exists, shall submit a declaration to the Administrator of the Federal Insurance
Administration requesting a denial of flood insurance. The valid declaration shall consist of;
1. the name of the property owner and address or legal description of the property
sufficient to confirm its identity or location;
2. a clear and unequivocal declaration that the property is in violation of a cited
State or local law, regulation, or ordinance;
3. a clear statement that the public body making the declaration has authority to do
so and a citation to that authority;
4. evidence that the property owner has been provided notice of the violation and
the prospective denial of insurance; and,
5. a clear statement that the declaration is being submitted pursuant to Section
1316 of the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968, as amended.