Please review this important information about visiting our town/island during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Swan's Island Covid-19 Visitors Information.

Please review the new dump procedures here.

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REGISTERED VOTERS who are already enrolled in a party have until Feb 17th to change parties if they wish. Those who are unenrolled (not in any party but registered) may change their preference anytime, including election day, which is March 3rd. I won't be in the office on the 17th so plan to see me this week if at all possible. Once you are enrolled in a party you must stay in that party for 3 months All registered voters may vote on the referendum question. Hope to see you all at the polls on March 3rd (and at town meeting on March 2nd).

The Comprehensive Planning Committee is now finished reviewing the results of the 2019 public survey as well as produced an executive summary of those results.

Click on the links below to download the PDF documents:

2019 Public Survey Executive Summary

2019 Public Survey Final Redacted Results

Interest starts on unpaid taxes on September 16. The rate this year is 9% per annum.