November 3, 2020 election day changes.

I WILL NOT BE OPEN FOR ANY BUSINESS except for elections related issues due to the traffic flow and congestion that sometimes occurs. If you need to see me for anything other than for election day procedures, let a worker know and I will come to you.

Executive orders from the Governor and the Secretary of State regarding Voting Guidelines and Protocol on Election Day, November 3, 2020 will make a huge difference to the way we will be conducting business at the polls.
When you come to vote, you will use the side door to enter (you will not be able to enter the room through the hallway/post office entrance) but will exit through the hallway. The traffic will flow so that people will be 6' apart at all times (household members may come together but others stay 6' away).
PLEASE be kind and wear a mask - the workers all have to wear a mask or face shield all day long for your protection. There will be tape on the floor at 6' intervals and arrows marking the flow of traffic. Someone will be there to direct you.
There will be a receptacle to leave your mask or gloves, if you wish, at the exit door. We will also be providing hand sanitizer to use when you enter and as you leave.
Please be aware of people coming and going from the post office area and give them space.
We will be cleaning the voting booths and other surfaces regularly throughout the day per executive orders.
You may use your own pen to mark the ballots or we will provide one as usual. When you leave the booth please bring your pen out with you and put in a box beside the ballot box to be sanitized.
Visiting will not be allowed for the comfort of all.
Thank you for voting and for abiding by the rules set forth by the Governor.