In regards to absentee voting, a while ago I responded to a post stating a quick rundown of how the absentee voting works but wanted to go into minute detail as there are still questions being asked. It makes not one bit of difference to myself or my workers how you vote as long as you are comfortable with the process and know it is pretty fool proof to vote absentee for those who choose not to come to the polls for whatever reason.

If a registered voter of Swan’s Island wishes to vote absentee, they can call me and ask for a ballot or they can pick an application up in the hallway and either mail it to me or bring it by OR go on line at and fill out the form. If you go on line and fill out the application, I will get notification by email immediately, print out the form, verify that you are a registered voter and enter it into the Maine central voting list. No chances of duplicates with that process. When the ballots arrive in the early to mid part of October, I will send a ballot to each person who has applied, entering the date and time sent on the application and entering the information into the central voting system. When it is returned to me, I write the date and time received on the back of the envelope below where you have signed and again will enter it into the system that it has been returned. The unopened envelope then goes into a box in alphabetical order and put in the vault until election day. Usually around 2 pm that day the warden retrieves the box of ballots, reads the voters name aloud so the name is checked off on the incoming voting list, slits the envelope and deposits the ballot directly into the same ballot box that is used for those voting in person and in the same manner. The warden returns the empty envelopes to me to be sealed in a box until they can be destroyed, per State law.

If you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask. If you want to vote absentee but still aren’t comfortable about the mail you are free to email, text, message or call me if you want to know when I send the ballot to you and can do the same when it is received back to me if that would make you feel better. If you haven’t registered to vote, you can do it when you come to the polls but it will be less time consuming if you come see me before that as the people will be limited inside the building. Polls will be open from 10 am until 8 pm at the Town Office on November 3rd.

Another option is to vote in person when I am in the office if you want to avoid the crowds. That type of voting follows the same procedure as absentee voting.


Gwen J May, Town Clerk/Registrar