Attendees: Myron Sprague, Jr. - Selectmen

Gary Turner - Selectmen

Jason Joyce - Selectmen

Donna Wiegle - Heath Center

Rob Morang - Hancock County Sheriff's Department

Gary Farley - Municipal Advisory Committee (MAC)

Lesley Ann Ranquist - MAC

Jennifer Helmen - MAC

Lisa Stanley - MAC

Zeke Freelove - MAC

Carol Loehr - MAC

Agenda: Approval of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes dated 1/31/2019.

Health Services - DonnaWiegle, Director of Health Center, presented the 2019 Budget totaling $25,500.00. Selectmen accepted budget and will include in the submittal of recommendations at the Town Budget meeting on February 22nd. Issues for the health center this year have included patients not showing up for scheduled appointments nor calling to cancel appointments. The number of telemedicine patients participating in this service decrease.

Code Enforcement - Gary Rainford briefed the Selectmen on Lester Stanley's Shoreland Zoning Application to restore his camp at 27 Mackerel Cove Road that was reviewed and approved by the Planning Board on July 17, 2016. A question had been posed to Gary if the restoration to include the deck was covered under the original Shoreland Zoning Application. After review of Planning Board Minutes dated 7/17/2016, Gary confirmed the deck was included in the 7/17/2016 minutes. Based on the above, a motion was made and accepted that the Selectmen support the Planning Board's decision.

Deer Removal Program - Fourteen Deer have thus far been eliminated.

Skating Pond - Discussion continues on the installation of a light on the Skating Pond. Town needs a hole dug and a pole installed.

Debris - Construction Debris was found in Atlantic. Rob Morang shared that someone had dumped Construction Debris in Atlantic. (Due to this issue, the Town will post the hours of the Dump on the Information Page.)

Documents Signed: Treasurer's Warrant dated 1/7/2019

Meeting adjourned: 7:30 PM


Karen Griffin

Administrative Assistant to Selectmen