Members of the society have been gathering old photos, some of which are kept at the Library in Atlantic. Many of those photos along with others provided by individuals have been digitally scanned for presentation here. We are grouping them in categories to make viewing more convenient.

Please contact us if you have old photos we may borrow to scan or if you already have digital files, we would most appreciate you sharing them with the Swan’s Island Web Site viewers. In this way many can enjoy old photos, they can be preserved and shared, and the owner retains their valuable original print or negative. We can make digital photos from paintings, snapshots, slides, and from negatives with no damage to the original.

If you know anything about any photo you see here, please provide us the material and we can update the caption text.

Click on any of the following photographs to see all the photos in that category.

Buildings and Homes

Local People

Summer People





James Swan

Staples – Joyce Family

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